the trip to paper planet

So, this week I went to Paper Planet and I also played Galactic Nemeses.  I played some Terraria and beat the eater of worlds.  On Thursday I did Acrobalance, where we practiced for our performance that we are going to perform for the last day picnic.

Here’s a video of Paper Planet:

Thanks to @abram for taking me!



Logan is Awesome…

…because he’s so OP!

contact and frisbee and AGILE SOCCER and Teach finger knitting and Dance party and Park trip and

Cook Noooooooob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Epic New Post

This week I played Pokémon (the card game) with @ryanshollenberger and @kingthanos.  One time Ryan won, mostly because he got Meowth.  I won the other two rounds using my Electross and Dusknoir.

images.duckduckgo 150px-ArtYonoir

I also did some reading this week.  I read Calvin and Hobbes, “There’s Treasure Everywhere,” on the train.  I also read “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” with @ryanshollenberger and @likeaboss.

@douglasawesome and Geva got the Galactic Nemeses arcade cabinet up and working this week, so I got to play.  I like to be the Spacemen the best, but the Aliens are cool too.

The coolest thing I did this week was building a skateboard with @ryanshollenberger!  A clean up crew in Central Park gave us an old board they found in the playground, and we used the hardware and wheels.  We used a pair of trucks and a deck that @shadowjack left at school, and made an OP new(ish) board.  Check it out:


I’m also learning to skateboard.  I can stand on it and push, and I’ve been riding down the big hill in Central Park.  I still “butt board” (sit on the board) when I go down the hill, because it’s really huge and OP.  Much true, such wow.


minecraft and all screens suck

This week i found out that screens suck. They mold your brain a lot and then when it’s the end of the day, you get very cranky and end up being mean to your parents. So this week I did a lot of no screens! I decided to do other things. One of them was to play Werewolves on Thursday. Which I nearly do every week…but it doesn’t happen every week. So sometimes I do an hour of screens…

This Thursday I only did a minute of screens, and my brain didn’t feel mushy and it didn’t slide out. I jumped around. And I scheduled a time to go to Cloudhouse in Chatham, New York. Which isn’t really a house in the sky. I like hanging around in Chatham, playing a bunch of games, especially now that I’ve got Hobbit Love Letter and Pokemon and Smack It.

I’m jumping around and I’ve lost my breath hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I need to get my breath back.

I also was in charge of mackerel making, with Bear, who’s in charge of the Cloudhouse. He lives in the cabin…the barn…the barn house.

I also broke my foot. That happened. I’m fine now, so that’s helpful. What’s not helpful is that it happened. I didn’t have to get a cast or get any of that done,

I found robin’s egg in Central Park this week, and I touched it.

I also used the bathroom in the middle of blogging time.

I finished two Harry Potter books in one week! TWO! Well…two Harry Potter audiobooks. And the guy talks pretty fast…but he also explains what some things mean.

Screens Suck!

Screens can rot your brain!  But seriously, sometimes when I am on screens too long I get cranky.  So for the second half of this week I agreed not to use them at all.

One of the things I did instead was make a clay cat.  It took me three days to make and paint it.  Here it is:


This week, I made a hilarious slow-motion video of jumping on my dad’s bed.  One of my dogs, Panda, came out of nowhere and looked up with a really funny face!

I DM’ed (moderated) Werewolves twice this week!  It was the first time I had ever  DM’ed, and it went awesome.   I picked the Witch, Defender, the Fortune Teller, Cupido, 2 werewolves, the Hunter, and 2 regular villagers.  It was really fun.

I also tried a game called Hobbit Love Letter with @failspy.  I won by playing my Legolas card.  Because my next card was Thorin Oakenshield (6), I had the higher value and beat his Smaug (1).




This is all awesome!

This week I made several masks. I used a cardboard mask, and then I drew and painted on it. I glued glitter and pom poms and sequins on it. On the one I made Thursday, I took paper and then I drew a black circle in the middle, then I took glue and glued the eyeball to the back of the mask. Then it looked like the paper was the same shape as the eyehole.

I made a Hobbit boardgame. I took a blank gameboard and drew on it.

I played Lego Indiana Jones. It was fun. And I did some Minecraft, and I got a diamond sword and diamond armor and food. I cheated in creative to get all that, except for the diamond sword. I spawned on a big mountain, where I first saw an apple. I mined and found gold and diamonds, and I turned the gold into gold ingots. Then I turned the gold ingots into enchanted ones and gold apples.

I watched Labyrinth. I’ve watched it before. You should see what happens for yourself.

My weekly intention was to kiss my cat on the lips every day. It went well. I did it, but Mutsie didn’t enjoy it!

My tooth is really loose!

I wrestled with Logan on a mattress, in the Red Room with the lights off and David Bowie music on. It was really fun and I want to do it again next week.


Werewolves is awesome!

This week I did a lot of collaborative mine-crafting with @likeaboss and Jesse. My biggest achievement was making a huge office building in a creative world. On Tuesday, I played Blocks vs. Zombies, a Minecraft map based on the video game “Plants vs. Zombies,” with @timotree, @failspy, @ryanshollenberger, @likeaboss, and @douglasawesome. The map was made by the famous youtuber Seth Bling.

I also watched videos on youtube about “lucky blocks,” a mod for Minecraft. You make these blocks in a crafting table by surrounding a dropper with redstone, lapis, or gold. When you break them, they drop random items, which is really awesome!

My favorite thing I did this week was playing Werewolves.   I got to be the hunter (whose power is to kill someone else if he is killed) and the witch (who can use a save potion and a kill potion once each during the game), but my favorite is when I get to be the sheriff! I got voted sheriff in the 2nd game we played.

It was really nice outside this week, so on Thursday I went to Central Park and played soccer with @timotree, @failspy, @ryanshollenberger and my dad. The fields still had snow on them so we just set up @timotree’s goal in the playground and played there.

Today [Friday the 13th!], I helped @nhoopee, @ryanshollenberger, @thewitchqueen908, @timotree, and @kingthanos make lasagna.