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Awesomeness of Minecraftness

Minecraft is really awesome.  There are now rabbits in the game (after 1.8 update)!  They are really cute.  I like the horses too.


I also tamed some cats and made an awesome OP shelter for my dogs in a survival world.

————————–in other news—————————-

I went on a trip with @abbyo, @failspy, and @lillaw to the studio of Ziwadi, a comic book artist.  You can see his work here:  He taught me how to draw people and how to draw realistic hair.  I drew some people with hair, and one had a hat.

We also played a game where we had to draw characters by starting with random shapes (they’re the ones on the bottom of the drawing on the right)


Coup is an awesome game that a lot of people play at ALC, and I joined in this week. My favorite character is The Captain- Ryan said he is the most OP.


On Monday, I played a football game called ‘jackpot’ in the gym with @ryanshollenberger, @fireballdeath and his dad.


my trip to cloud house

I went to cloud house, played a little bit of video games, saw horses and I saw a rabbit.

I played a board game with Luca.

Something different from what I do normally was carrying wood. We all had to carry some wood. I don’t know why though. It was already cut and we had to bring it to the porch.

I played Coup, like 8 rounds. A lot of the rounds I won. I won with just one Duke! It’s hard.

I learned that the bunny always hops past the house. I also tried to do a little bit of silk tricks. Like standing inside the silk, floating in the air. It was fun, but I didn’t *really* like it ’cause I sweat a lot. It was hard but I succeeded in the end.

There’s two silk things, one you can climb on, one you do tricks inside of. I played on both. I really liked the one you do tricks inside of. That’s the one I did the stand-up trick inside of.

I helped cook, since everyone needed to.

minecraft things

I did minecraft server with James this week

Another thing I did was go into this portal, in an always open to land world that’s called Woodycraft.

Then I went to this parkour world thingy, where I had to do all this hard parkour, which I kept failing on. I didn’t have to, I could just jump off the world to get off it. I kept on doing it, because jumping off of the world can be fun, but I like doing parkour.


I did cooking today, and made pigs in a blanket. I haven’t had any yet, but I hope that there’s still some left.

I’m spinning a chair inside the office and getting really dizzy.


Changing Facts

This week there was a LOT of snow.  On Tuesday we had a snow-day. I stayed at home and had a huge snowball fight on the roof and killed my dad.  I even built a base for myself.

On Monday, I played “Different Tag” with @ryanshollenberger, @likeaboss, @kingthanos, @douglasawesome, @abramdb, and @failspy.  It’s an awesome game that’s like capture the flag, tag, foam sword-fighting, and flag football all-in-one.

Today I smelled cupcakes and wished I was eating them (Next week I want to join cooking class so I can eat lasagna)!

I also played on the survival world “Ryan Shollenberger’s Beard” with @kingthanos and @ryanshollenberger.  I made myself a leather tunic, leather pants, iron leggings, iron helmet and iron boots.  Thanks gave me two extra iron ingots so I could make an iron sword.  Thanos also made me the guard of the house!  Here it is:

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 2.42.27 PM

I watched a bunch of videos by the Diamond Minecart this week.  One I really liked was about the “lucky red block” (a modded world on Minecraft).

You can craft one by surrounding a dropper with 8 pieces of redstone:


Minecraft Fun and Other Things Fun

Here’s just a few of the fun things I did this week…

  • Tamed 16 cats in my Minecraft world called Neutral World16cats
  •  Connected remotely into a Minecraft world with others
  • Made a Minecraft parkour world
    2015-01-12 16.18.08
  • Read Calvin & Hobbes, Weirdos from Another Planet with Ryan
  • Did sports chat with Luca and Ryan
  • Started drawing a comic book series about adventures
  • Fed the cats, dogs, guinea pigs and rabbit
  • Went to a new doctor. Got two vaccine shots
  • Had chocolate chip pancakes at Tom’s diner2015-01-16 11.55.03
  •  Built structures with magnet tiles
  • Played Dragonvale
  • Watched Acela high-speed videos in HD. And also used google maps to see the train routes.

Minecraft Attacks!

These are a few things I did this week…


-Ruined a village

-Went to the End (and learned how to get the Ender Egg)

-Fought lots of M.O.B.S. in survival mode (they eventually killed me)

-In another survival world, I went to a beach and made a little cabin with a path, which zombies and skeletons got onto to.  A creeper even blew up my door!


Read Calvin and Hobbes with Ryan:

My favorite one was when Calvin broke his dad’s binoculars.


Failed to play Terraria (due to download issues):

Watched Timo play Sky Rim Elder Scrolls–  he killed 5 dragons!

Played war with @shadowjack, @timotree, @thewitchqueen908, and @kingthanos.

Today I brought in magazines to make a collage (I’m going to do this next week).


Alfie’s Minecraft Experience

Every day, I fought and killed Herobrine when he connected to my world.  I tamed lots of dogs150px-Wolf_(Aggressive) using bones (which come from skeletons).  You can only feed them when their eyes aren’t read.  I built and underground house with a bedroom, an enchantment room with bookshelves and enchantment table.


In another world, I spawned 3 Withers (using 4 soul sand shaped like a “T” and 3 Wither skulls on the top 3 soul sand blocks) pTvBEand 2 Ender Dragons to see what would happen.  After a while, the Withers won!  When the Ender Dragons appeared, they destroyed blocks and made them sink through the ground.


In another world, I made an overflowing volcano using lava buckets.  Herobrine showed  up here too and I fought him.  He looked like a floating head with no body.  There were other ones that had bodies with full enchanted diamond armor and diamond swords.  These three Herobrines fell into the lava from my volcano and died, but they came back.


My Minecraft Creations

Yesterday I built a castle in Minecraft 1.8.1.

My first one didn’t come out that well- it was underground and had minecarts, but they crashed.

I still haven’t figured out how to get out of a mine cart.  (Ryan told me to press “L+SHIFT” to do it- now I know)

I made very cool hidden chests, a bridge over lava (which I finished today).  Also, I made a castle with a jumping game using slime blocks.

I put Ender Chests in the castle.  This didn’t work out very well because when you put something in one Ender chests and place another one, it teleports your stuff from one to the other.

Another thing I built this week in Minecraft was the Twin Towers!  I used polished iron, orange wool, and black garden fences for the top part.

In another world, I spawned 1,000 mobs:  witches, villagers, zombies, magma cubes, slimes, skeletons, ghasts, blazes and zombie pigmen.  At the end, I even spawned The Wither!

In another world, called “The Electro World,” I made a house in the desert.  They are covered in sand and have blended in doors.  The windows are sanded.  Basically, it is blended into the landscape.

[dictated to @ryanshollenberger]