minecraft is awesome

This week I played MINECRAFT.  I actually watched Minecraft videos. By PatAndJen/PopularMMOs. I also did…I mean…I also played Hide and Seek. I also ate all my lunch. I don’t remember what else I did…I’m going to go look at my kanban. Be right back..

I got some outside time with the firedrill. I cooked with Nancy (risotto and bruschetta). I did water kefir. I brought kefir grains, then I drained the kefir grains and put them in new sugar water. I also brought in juice for the kefir. Then I put it in the fridge…Mistake….Don’t put it in the fridge. Keep it out.

I also played dodgeball and soccer. And I also went on a walk to get pizza. And I’m very tired so I think I’m going to end it here.

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