the krazy kreepers

this week i did … minecraft and instructional videos and Play some Mario 

and Yoga and Oragami and  ? Went to the park and skateboarded and  Go to changeup ,  nad Ate my whole lunch and Played Monster and minecraft and  Play  coup

alfie  <,,









2 thoughts on “the krazy kreepers”

  1. Hi Alfie,

    Hello from Florida! Grandma and Grandpa miss you.

    We like hearing about the things you are learning at school.

    Be careful on your skateboard, okay.


  2. Alf! Your skateboarding at the park was really fun to watch. It’s clear you practiced over the summer; you look much more confident and balanced, and you could ride for much longer distances than at the end of last school year. Bravo! Let’s get some skate park trips planned!

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