put your head down or your head will be on fire !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I played minecraft.

I drew Jiana.

I did go to the park this week. Oh, and I did take a long walk to get lunch!

Wanna know what’s funny? When we went to get lemonade, and the person who made the lemonade at the place who gave us the lemonade, didn’t give us any straws, so Elise asked for straws, but they didn’t give us any.

And then at McDonalds, we finally got straws, and I was like halfway through my lemonade! I thought that was hillarious! We were out for two hours.

One reason was because Hannah was like, they have these cards theat they have at Duane Read too, and Hannah was playing a lot with these cards, and I thought that was really funny.

Then I started playing and I got a lot of raucous energy, and then Elise had to drag me all over the place, all of the way to get pizza.

Then I was hiding outside, and they couldn’t see me, and then they came out and were like “oh my god, you were right there!”

So when we went back to school, and um, and I started playing minecraft and it was really, really glitchy and it kicked me off of minecraft sometimes, and Timo fixed it, and he said there are so much worlds open, like a thousand. So then he had to delete them all so it wouldn’t be too glitchy. And that’s it for Today . . .

I think that might be it.

Oh, and, there’s one more thing. When we were on the walk I was really hot, my had felt like it was on fire. And I think I have a good name for the blog, and I think this is a pretty good one!

“put your head down, or your head’s going to be on fire!”


the krazy kreepers

this week i did … minecraft and instructional videos and Play some Mario 

and Yoga and Oragami and  ? Went to the park and skateboarded and  Go to changeup ,  nad Ate my whole lunch and Played Monster and minecraft and  Play  coup

alfie  <,,