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This week I played Pokémon (the card game) with @ryanshollenberger and @kingthanos.  One time Ryan won, mostly because he got Meowth.  I won the other two rounds using my Electross and Dusknoir.

images.duckduckgo 150px-ArtYonoir

I also did some reading this week.  I read Calvin and Hobbes, “There’s Treasure Everywhere,” on the train.  I also read “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” with @ryanshollenberger and @likeaboss.

@douglasawesome and Geva got the Galactic Nemeses arcade cabinet up and working this week, so I got to play.  I like to be the Spacemen the best, but the Aliens are cool too.

The coolest thing I did this week was building a skateboard with @ryanshollenberger!  A clean up crew in Central Park gave us an old board they found in the playground, and we used the hardware and wheels.  We used a pair of trucks and a deck that @shadowjack left at school, and made an OP new(ish) board.  Check it out:


I’m also learning to skateboard.  I can stand on it and push, and I’ve been riding down the big hill in Central Park.  I still “butt board” (sit on the board) when I go down the hill, because it’s really huge and OP.  Much true, such wow.


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  1. Hi Alfie,

    So, you are learning to skateboard now. Uncle Bill spent many happy hours skateboarding when he lived here in Florida. He didn’t skateboard much after he fell and broke his arm in two places. Ask him to tell you about it.

    Do you remember the skateboard ramps along the river near Uncle Joe’s house? Maybe next time you come to Florida you can bring your skateboard and we can take you there.

    You said you read some books this week. I hope you are actually reading books and not just listening to someone else read them to you.

    I’m wondering if you read my comments to your blogs. Let me know if you do, okay?

    Look for a package with two loaves of oatmeal bread next week. I am thrilled that you like it because it is my favorite bread, too.

    Sending you, lots of love,

    1. Hi grandma. my dad told me about uncle Bill’s broekn arm. it sounded DISGUSTING!

      I can read some words in my Calvin and Hobbes books and Pokemon cards. Most of the time someone reads with me while I look at the book. I’m getting better and I’ll read when I’m ready. I’m learning to add by playing my Pokemon.

      I don’t look at comments much but once in a while.

      Thanks for the bread. It’s DEEEEEELICIOUS! yum yum it’s so OP!

      1. Hi Alfie,

        I was happily surprised to see a reply from you. I’m glad you are enjoying the oatmeal bread. Let me know when you want more.

        By the way, what does OP mean?

        Regarding reading: Once you learn to read, you can then read to learn. Besides reading for pleasure and entertainment, you can read to learn about anything that interests you, like how to do skateboard tricks, and how to prevent breaking your arm.

        XO Grandma

          1. Hi Alfie,

            Thanks for explaining that OP means “overpowered.” I wondered if it referred to the brand of clothing called “Ocean Pacific” whose logo was OP.

            I’m glad you put a link to the YouTube video showing beginners how to do skateboard tricks. I watched it and remembered some of trick names, like “Ollie.” Practice one trick at a time and little by little you will learn to do them all.

            Thanks a lot for keeping in touch.

            Bye for now!

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