minecraft and all screens suck

This week i found out that screens suck. They mold your brain a lot and then when it’s the end of the day, you get very cranky and end up being mean to your parents. So this week I did a lot of no screens! I decided to do other things. One of them was to play Werewolves on Thursday. Which I nearly do every week…but it doesn’t happen every week. So sometimes I do an hour of screens…

This Thursday I only did a minute of screens, and my brain didn’t feel mushy and it didn’t slide out. I jumped around. And I scheduled a time to go to Cloudhouse in Chatham, New York. Which isn’t really a house in the sky. I like hanging around in Chatham, playing a bunch of games, especially now that I’ve got Hobbit Love Letter and Pokemon and Smack It.

I’m jumping around and I’ve lost my breath hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I need to get my breath back.

I also was in charge of mackerel making, with Bear, who’s in charge of the Cloudhouse. He lives in the cabin…the barn…the barn house.

I also broke my foot. That happened. I’m fine now, so that’s helpful. What’s not helpful is that it happened. I didn’t have to get a cast or get any of that done,

I found robin’s egg in Central Park this week, and I touched it.

I also used the bathroom in the middle of blogging time.

I finished two Harry Potter books in one week! TWO! Well…two Harry Potter audiobooks. And the guy talks pretty fast…but he also explains what some things mean.

One thought on “minecraft and all screens suck”

  1. Hi Alfie,

    I read your April 23 blog and was happy to hear you are still enjoying Smack It, Pokeman cards, and The Hobbit Love Letter game. I wish we had time to play the Hobbit Love Letter game when you were here. The time went by too fast for all the things we wanted to do.

    How did you hurt your foot? Was it from all that “jumping around?”

    Uncle Joe is coming over for dinner tonight. He is going to Atlanta, Georgia tomorrow to attend a Museum Conference.

    I miss you a whole bunch! Keep working and learning all that you can.

    I love you,

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