This is all awesome!

This week I made several masks. I used a cardboard mask, and then I drew and painted on it. I glued glitter and pom poms and sequins on it. On the one I made Thursday, I took paper and then I drew a black circle in the middle, then I took glue and glued the eyeball to the back of the mask. Then it looked like the paper was the same shape as the eyehole.

I made a Hobbit boardgame. I took a blank gameboard and drew on it.

I played Lego Indiana Jones. It was fun. And I did some Minecraft, and I got a diamond sword and diamond armor and food. I cheated in creative to get all that, except for the diamond sword. I spawned on a big mountain, where I first saw an apple. I mined and found gold and diamonds, and I turned the gold into gold ingots. Then I turned the gold ingots into enchanted ones and gold apples.

I watched Labyrinth. I’ve watched it before. You should see what happens for yourself.

My weekly intention was to kiss my cat on the lips every day. It went well. I did it, but Mutsie didn’t enjoy it!

My tooth is really loose!

I wrestled with Logan on a mattress, in the Red Room with the lights off and David Bowie music on. It was really fun and I want to do it again next week.


One thought on “This is all awesome!”

  1. Hi Alfie,

    Thank you for writing about what you did at school in your weekly blog. We look forward to reading it every Friday.

    So sorry we missed your phone call last night. It would have been fun to Skype and talk with you. Maybe by now your loose tooth is out and you have a cute toothless smile.

    Can you show us the “eyeball” mask you made next time we Skype? It sounds interesting.

    We would like to learn more about Minecraft. When you come to Florida you can show us how to play and dig for gold.

    How do you know Mootsie didn’t like the kisses? She might like being hugged or scratched better.

    Have a great week at school. Learn all you can! Remember to Read! Read! Read!

    With Love,
    Grandma and Grandpa

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