Werewolves is awesome!

This week I did a lot of collaborative mine-crafting with @likeaboss and Jesse. My biggest achievement was making a huge office building in a creative world. On Tuesday, I played Blocks vs. Zombies, a Minecraft map based on the video game “Plants vs. Zombies,” with @timotree, @failspy, @ryanshollenberger, @likeaboss, and @douglasawesome. The map was made by the famous youtuber Seth Bling.

I also watched videos on youtube about “lucky blocks,” a mod for Minecraft. You make these blocks in a crafting table by surrounding a dropper with redstone, lapis, or gold. When you break them, they drop random items, which is really awesome!

My favorite thing I did this week was playing Werewolves.   I got to be the hunter (whose power is to kill someone else if he is killed) and the witch (who can use a save potion and a kill potion once each during the game), but my favorite is when I get to be the sheriff! I got voted sheriff in the 2nd game we played.

It was really nice outside this week, so on Thursday I went to Central Park and played soccer with @timotree, @failspy, @ryanshollenberger and my dad. The fields still had snow on them so we just set up @timotree’s goal in the playground and played there.

Today [Friday the 13th!], I helped @nhoopee, @ryanshollenberger, @thewitchqueen908, @timotree, and @kingthanos make lasagna.

One thought on “Werewolves is awesome!”

  1. Hi Alfie,

    Thanks for writing about your busy week at school. I’m glad to hear the weather was nice so you and your friends could play soccer in the park. Did your dad score a goal?

    I was thinking of making lasagna when you come to visit. I could also make ravioli.

    Did your other front tooth come out yet? Keep wiggling it and it will.

    Keep reading, learning, and creating.


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