Awesomeness of Minecraftness

Minecraft is really awesome.  There are now rabbits in the game (after 1.8 update)!  They are really cute.  I like the horses too.


I also tamed some cats and made an awesome OP shelter for my dogs in a survival world.

————————–in other news—————————-

I went on a trip with @abbyo, @failspy, and @lillaw to the studio of Ziwadi, a comic book artist.  You can see his work here:  He taught me how to draw people and how to draw realistic hair.  I drew some people with hair, and one had a hat.

We also played a game where we had to draw characters by starting with random shapes (they’re the ones on the bottom of the drawing on the right)


Coup is an awesome game that a lot of people play at ALC, and I joined in this week. My favorite character is The Captain- Ryan said he is the most OP.


On Monday, I played a football game called ‘jackpot’ in the gym with @ryanshollenberger, @fireballdeath and his dad.


One thought on “Awesomeness of Minecraftness”

  1. Hi Alfie,
    Going to the studio of the comic book artist Ziwadi was a good learning experience. I like the pictures you drew there.

    Uncle Joe is coming over tonight. I will show him your drawings. I’m sure he will like them too.

    Today is Kaden’s birthday. He is 21. Uncle Andy and Alan are here. Alan’s birthday was last Sunday. He is 16 now.

    Keep learning and sharing.


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