my trip to cloud house

I went to cloud house, played a little bit of video games, saw horses and I saw a rabbit.

I played a board game with Luca.

Something different from what I do normally was carrying wood. We all had to carry some wood. I don’t know why though. It was already cut and we had to bring it to the porch.

I played Coup, like 8 rounds. A lot of the rounds I won. I won with just one Duke! It’s hard.

I learned that the bunny always hops past the house. I also tried to do a little bit of silk tricks. Like standing inside the silk, floating in the air. It was fun, but I didn’t *really* like it ’cause I sweat a lot. It was hard but I succeeded in the end.

There’s two silk things, one you can climb on, one you do tricks inside of. I played on both. I really liked the one you do tricks inside of. That’s the one I did the stand-up trick inside of.

I helped cook, since everyone needed to.

One thought on “my trip to cloud house”

  1. Hi Alfie,
    I’m glad to know you are learning to cook. Did you make lasagna? Did you like it? I hope you learn to cook as good as your dad.
    Having a snowball fight on the roof sounds like fun, but please don’t hurt your dad. That would make me very sad.
    I like the picture of you carving a candle. Please take a picture of the candle when you are finished.
    Hope it isn’t too cold in New York. Maybe the wood you brought onto the porch is for the fireplace. Burning wood in a fireplace is great for keeping warm when the weather is cold.
    Keep up the good work. Grandma

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