Minecraft Fun and Other Things Fun

Here’s just a few of the fun things I did this week…

  • Tamed 16 cats in my Minecraft world called Neutral World16cats
  •  Connected remotely into a Minecraft world with others
  • Made a Minecraft parkour world
    2015-01-12 16.18.08
  • Read Calvin & Hobbes, Weirdos from Another Planet with Ryan
  • Did sports chat with Luca and Ryan
  • Started drawing a comic book series about adventures
  • Fed the cats, dogs, guinea pigs and rabbit
  • Went to a new doctor. Got two vaccine shots
  • Had chocolate chip pancakes at Tom’s diner2015-01-16 11.55.03
  •  Built structures with magnet tiles
  • Played Dragonvale
  • Watched Acela high-speed videos in HD. And also used google maps to see the train routes.

4 thoughts on “Minecraft Fun and Other Things Fun”

  1. Hey Alfie!

    Like your blog. What is the objective of minecraft? I am not familiar with this game.
    Your chocolate chip pancakes are making Bill and I hungry.
    Also, I really like your sweater!

    Auntie Larysa

  2. Hey Alfie, Minecraft looks fun ! Did your father ever tell you about ColecoVision ? We played the game Donkey Kong so often that, to make it more difficult, we played laying on our backs, viewing it upside down, and still beat it !
    Auntie Larysa and I hope to see you soon so we can play with you, and all your animals.
    Uncle Bill

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