Minecraft Attacks!

These are a few things I did this week…


-Ruined a village

-Went to the End (and learned how to get the Ender Egg)

-Fought lots of M.O.B.S. in survival mode (they eventually killed me)

-In another survival world, I went to a beach and made a little cabin with a path, which zombies and skeletons got onto to.  A creeper even blew up my door!


Read Calvin and Hobbes with Ryan:

My favorite one was when Calvin broke his dad’s binoculars.


Failed to play Terraria (due to download issues):

Watched Timo play Sky Rim Elder Scrolls–  he killed 5 dragons!

Played war with @shadowjack, @timotree, @thewitchqueen908, and @kingthanos.

Today I brought in magazines to make a collage (I’m going to do this next week).


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