Alfie’s Minecraft Experience

Every day, I fought and killed Herobrine when he connected to my world.  I tamed lots of dogs150px-Wolf_(Aggressive) using bones (which come from skeletons).  You can only feed them when their eyes aren’t read.  I built and underground house with a bedroom, an enchantment room with bookshelves and enchantment table.


In another world, I spawned 3 Withers (using 4 soul sand shaped like a “T” and 3 Wither skulls on the top 3 soul sand blocks) pTvBEand 2 Ender Dragons to see what would happen.  After a while, the Withers won!  When the Ender Dragons appeared, they destroyed blocks and made them sink through the ground.


In another world, I made an overflowing volcano using lava buckets.  Herobrine showed  up here too and I fought him.  He looked like a floating head with no body.  There were other ones that had bodies with full enchanted diamond armor and diamond swords.  These three Herobrines fell into the lava from my volcano and died, but they came back.


My Minecraft Creations

Yesterday I built a castle in Minecraft 1.8.1.

My first one didn’t come out that well- it was underground and had minecarts, but they crashed.

I still haven’t figured out how to get out of a mine cart.  (Ryan told me to press “L+SHIFT” to do it- now I know)

I made very cool hidden chests, a bridge over lava (which I finished today).  Also, I made a castle with a jumping game using slime blocks.

I put Ender Chests in the castle.  This didn’t work out very well because when you put something in one Ender chests and place another one, it teleports your stuff from one to the other.

Another thing I built this week in Minecraft was the Twin Towers!  I used polished iron, orange wool, and black garden fences for the top part.

In another world, I spawned 1,000 mobs:  witches, villagers, zombies, magma cubes, slimes, skeletons, ghasts, blazes and zombie pigmen.  At the end, I even spawned The Wither!

In another world, called “The Electro World,” I made a house in the desert.  They are covered in sand and have blended in doors.  The windows are sanded.  Basically, it is blended into the landscape.

[dictated to @ryanshollenberger]